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CANTINE ITALIANE (ITALIAN WINERIES) is a project promoted by EBCC – EAST BUSINESS CONSULTING Company, a branch of EUROCONSULT Italia in Shanghai. It was born from the union of a selected number of Italian wineries, with the aim of bringing the best Italian wine to China to offer a new experience and a new way of experiencing wine and its characteristics. Its objectives include spreading the culture of Italian wine in China and the deepest values ​​of the Italian Lifestyle.

the mission

  • Strengthen the identity of Italian wine by working together to promote an extraordinary product that combines fun, cuisine, tradition and conviviality.
  • Spread the Italian lifestyle through wine because wine is internationally recognized as one of the key elements of the Italian way of life.
  • Open the Chinese market to the numerous Italian wineries and their quality products.

Although Italian companies need to expand their markets, they are not always able to meet the demands of foreign markets that are willing to know and make available the incredible variety and quality of Italian products. This translates into the enormous difficulty of meeting the demand and supply of “Made in Italy” in all markets and in particular in the Chinese one, which today is the absolute protagonist of the international economic scene.

But what are the main obstacles of Italian wineries towards an adequate internationalization process?

  • The small size and an unstructured business organization for abroad;
  • Linguistic, administrative, legal and geographical barriers;
  • The fear of not being competitive enough in a fiercely competitive environment.

By virtue of these considerations, the CANTINE ITALIANE project was born, studied and developed specifically for Italian wineries to support them in their access to the Chinese market.

Our mission is to open the doors of Italian wineries to the largest consumer market in the world, accompanying them step by step and providing them with the necessary tools to carry out the internationalization process towards China.

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